Estate Planning in Victorville & San Bernardino, CA



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It's important to provide future plans for when you pass away and leave loved ones behind. At the Law Offices of Ripley & Associates APC in Southern California, we will help you with estate planning so you can account for the well-being of your heirs after you're gone and make sure all your affairs are in order. You will learn how to manage your estate including assets, property, and businesses so you will leave no unresolved problems for your family.
  • Wills - A will relays your wishes and distribution of your assets and property after you pass away. It also states the support and care you desire for your children.
  • Trusts - A trust provides management options for your assets during your lifetime and a transition for them when you die. Trusts are particularly useful when probate and excessive inheritance taxes are a concern.
  • Probate - This process identifies assets and debts of an individual's estate and determines which assets should be liquidated in order to pay the debt. The remaining assets are divided among the heirs identified by the court.
  • Power of Attorney - Legal authority to act on someone else's behalf in private affairs, business transactions, or the management of an estate or assets.